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How long will it take you to adopt Windows Vista as your OS?

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For some reason I'm just not all that excited my Vista. I'm sure the new look will be cool but I really want my OS to be functional but for the most part stay out of the way. For me the big step forward was win2000 when suddenly most directx stuff started working under NT. I use XP and it is fine but what could possible be in vista that is going to really make me want to switch? No doubt I will eventually and I'm sure I'll play with it on day one but I bet I hold off on upgrading.

I just bought a MacBook Pro and so far I'm really liking OS X.

I will NEVER buy it!

I might have to use it (at work for example) but I will go to great lengths to avoid that.

Crap.. I wish I had been around when this topic was started. There is no way in hell I will read all of the above. I want to jump on the Vista bandwagon ASAP because I'm very excited about Vista. I've read a lot about it and can't wait to use it. It's not just another Windows version, just like that.. it's a major overhaul of everything that's under the hood, which makes Vista very intriguing and interesting to me. What I don't look forward to is having to buy a new computer :/

I'm waiting for Vista. Love its look. My recently upgraded 'puter should handle the Glass.

They have not yet got all the bugs out of Windows XP.
I will be waiting awhile before I upgrade. My girlfriend is a Tech and even she is not gonna run out to buy the latest greatest OS Vista. I do not know Windows XP Pro as well as I know Windows 95,98,98SE,ME. So I am waiting until I know Windows XP Pro as well if not better that previous versions of Windows.

Knowing Windows "There will be a lot of bugs." There always is.


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