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How long will it take you to adopt Windows Vista as your OS?

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 Word around the campfire is that Vista is set for November.,1995,1937540,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

 Although i've been using XP for a handful of years,it seems like it's taken every bit of that handful of years
to adjust,modify and get it just like i want it and now i like it.I like it to the point where i'm not that excited
about Vista.Personally i could sit on an OS for longer than five years and be content.I don't know,thinking
outloud here i guess,imho i'm just not that hyped about shelling out another 150-200 bucks on an os which
will also force me to shell out more money on hardware just to run it.Like i said just my humble opinion,
whats your thoughts,are you gonna rush out and buy it as soon as it comes out.Not to sound like a google
fanboy,cause i'm not,but i have the strongest feeling and an out and out prediction that Google will release
an OS,if not before Vista,shortly after, i don't care want anyone says and i actually believe it will be
essential to google's survival.

I usually wait a year or two after a new Windows version comes out before upgrading.  I'm pretty happy with XP, and not in any big hurry to change.

[Personal Opinion/Future Prediction]
Vista will be the last big OS release.  Web services are maturing to the point where the OS will eventually (the sooner the better) be irrelivant.
[End Opinion/Prediction]
There are still people using Windoze 98.  As long as drivers are available and the software they want/need runs, who cares about the OS anyway?

So no, I won't be switching to Vista soon.  I'd rather switch to Linux....  :Thmbsup:

I'm pretty happy with XP, and not in any big hurry to change.-mrainey
--- End quote ---

me neither, unless there's some new embedded technologies that requires Vista to work. something like the USB drive/digital camera plug-and-play that came built-in with XP and made life difficult for Win9x users...

When WinXP first came out there was a general howling across the web about how all it is is "eye candy" and a resource hog and lots of "I ain't gonna change fer nuthin'" talk.
Big brother M$ can track your computer and get all kinds of information about you (as if spyware and trojans from everywhere wasn't already trying to do the same thing), the .net passport sucks (don't gotta use it) paranoia galore  ;D.
Mostly from folks hangin onto their copies of Win98. (Hey  :huh: if your too cheap or can't afford a new computer just say so, but the majority of these folks never tryed WinXP or if they had they hadn't enough time to really work with it enough to get a real feel for it.) So they posted a lot from what others were saying.

I read where it was extremely unstable and prone to crash constantly in some forum......where the dinosours roam...yeah that's exactly how I meant to spell it sours.
There're still places that if you say anything negative about Win98, like what a pain it is to alter your apps to be that far back compatable, the hue and cry is deafening.
I've been using WinXP for 5 years now and it's the most stable OS I have ever used.
I like it and make no apologies about it. And I'll never go backward as far as my own personal machine.
My laptop is getting up in age and I fully intend waiting until Vista is available before buying my next system.
I'll be d**ned in 10 years to be one of those crotchety old WinXP users whining about backward compatability for (what will be by then ) my 16 year old computer system.
As much as everyone loves to hate microsoft the real action will always be with their OS.


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