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NANY 2012 RELEASE: Portable Extension Warlock

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Glad to help.

Development notes on some stuff here...seeing as how last night was only a temporary fix I have converted all the previous xml code over to a serialization routine that will hopefully ensure it does what it is suppose to from now on. :)  A small update sometime in the next week perhaps.

EARLY BETA RELEASE #2: (from Version to Version

1. DropZone was not loading/saving the LauncherApplication setting under certain circumstances should be fixed.
2. Fixed the backup save routine to where it should now display the right month and year of the older launch file backups.
3. DropZone settings now use the same backup routine as the launch files.

See first post for download link or use the built-in update checker button to open in the default browser the download url which will allow you to save it.

Enjoy! :)

Nice!  :Thmbsup:

Looks OK, but the public comp I often use does not have .NET installed.

Update: I tried PEW on that comp and works fine. It appears that .NET is installed after all.


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