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NANY 2012 Release: Web Link Captor, aka LL Robot

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mouser - this is looking fantastic and I think I know what it does...

SpoilerI think I know what it does...   ;D

The alpha version is now working.. Needs a ton of tweaking and error reporting but it does work.

I *agonized* over the user interface for this tool, and in particular how to solve a nasty dilemma involving batching operations..  I hope the program is usable without driving people insane.

I'll be making a screencast video to show how to use it.

Alpha version is in testing by my top alpha beta tester as we speak.

Another teaser screenshot:

The "LL" in "LLRobot" must be the key...... now what could those two Ls stand for?

LL = Lusty Lion?

Ooops....that brainfart only produced something similar to the Ubuntu naming meme.   :P


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