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software to write gamebooks ?

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Welcome to the site shaman74, looks great!  :up:

Very nice looking and seems fairly intuitive to use. Well done! 8)

Thank you all!

I've found this old thread and I've jumped into it to do a little "marketing" for my software (LGC is totally free so there are no money involved).

I'm writing down some instructions in (my not so good) english, to let you use it.

I hope gamebook writers could enjoy it :)

New version available!
I've added some features. There is a very very very basic version of the english manual.
I'm trying to translate it from italian, but it's pretty hard for me.
I hope you manage to work with LGC anyway.

One month later...

LGC reached version 3.1.12 and now you have a map editor, a graphviz viewer, a CreateChoice export script and much more.

Every information about this big release in the official website:


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