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software to write gamebooks ?

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sounds cool like an inform7 extension for gamebooks but simpler and with export to pdf/rtf as well as the html version

We posted another update on our campaign site, including screenshots of the basic features.

You can view it here:

The guys making "Gamebook Creator" have posted the fourth and final update to their campaign.
It's a pity they haven't been able to collect more funds.
Click here to see:

(it's online software you don't have to download)

I'm developing Libro Game Creator (libro game is the Italian name for gamebooks) from several years and the new version is pure Java, so it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
The software lets you write a game book, link the chapters, export it in SQLite, HTML (single or multiple file), ebook (epub2), RTF and the book graph (with an external library).
The english site is newly born but I'm working to improve it asap.


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