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software to write gamebooks ?

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Hello, I may suggest also ZTAB ( This is a free software.

Here are the functionnalities that he embeds :

* Build text adventure games and gamebooks
* Text, image and sound based aventure games.
* Simple graphical game edition (no script)
* Design as you play : you play, and if you want to enhance, you add new text and conditions and you continue to play. Nothing simpliest !
* As you design, ZTAB points out your errors.
* Generate an HTML game and upload it to your website.
* Generate a book and print it.
* Confidentiality mode
* Handle Huge projects
* You can import and export Twine and Advelh, Renpy, etc... projects too.

projects and old versions here :

Looks nice, thanks for sharing  :up:

new version for those who would be interested that give the opportunity to define graphically AND and OR conditions


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