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DONE: Batch m3u8 creator - similar to createm3u

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I have searched ALL over the web and I have not found a single program that will do this in a batch fashion. I am certain a lot of (domestic & international) users will find this very handy!
CreateM3U 0.1.1
Create .m3u playlists with drag&drop of files and folders. For each folder a single .m3u file is created named after this folder. It will not replace already existing playlists of that name. The generated playlists do not contain EXTM3U information because a simple .m3u is nothing more than a text file with a list of file names per line. The initial tool for this task for me was a batch file ;-) As the generated playlists only include filenames without any path, as they are located along with the media files, they can be moved together with the files, for example for portable mp3 player usage.
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Basically, I want to do every CreateM3U does, but with making m3u8 files. m3u8 files are basically unicode-friendly versions of .m3u playlist files.
The different (AFAIK) between m3u and m3u8 files is: m3u is ANSI  m3u8 is UTF-8 files compatible with foreign languages.

Basically, createm3u is the perfect program in every way, except it doesn't make the files m3u8 (UTF-8) format so my mp3 Winamp player skips over ? characters. :(

answered my own request, BUT we could still use a program like create3mu that does this seamlessly.  With this script, I have to open m3u tag, load up ALL of the folders into mp3tag (takes a long time). 

One can use mp3tag using the following export configuration to do exactly what I want:
1) Relative file name
2) m3u8
3) -directoryname-.m3u8 file naming structure
4) 1 in each folder
5) UTF-8 format

--- ---$filename(%_folderpath%%_directory%.m3u8,utf-8)#EXTM3U
$loop(%_filename_ext%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,%artist% - %title%

SnapList will do what you want.

SnapList will do what you want.

-skwire (September 05, 2011, 10:36 AM)
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Hi skwire,
long time no see.

Did you mean SnapPlay?  I didn't see an option for m3u8, only m3u

The page says SnapPlay but the app is called SnapList.  It saves the resulting playlist files as UTF-8


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