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NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

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Hi Tranglos,

Your Jan 12th suggestion to look at "Tools -> Available Clipboard Formats" seems to have fixed my problem, so that selecting "sfPlainText" now works for me as intended.  The steps I took were:

1.  When I pulled up the Available Clipboard Formats list, it contained various custom formats as shown in the screenshot below.

NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

2.  I removed all the custom formats from the list.  I also deleted all the related clips that were then stored in Echo.  As a precaution, I closed Echo and rebooted my computer.

3.  After rebooting, I copied and pasted some text clips in Word, Excel, Thunderbird and Evernote, and they are all are now being pasted by Echo in plain text -- rather than in original formatting.  I pulled up the Available Clipboard Formats list again.  It shows only the default formats in the screenshot below.  None of the custom formats has returned.

NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

I think the custom formats may have gotten corrupted in, or were interfering with, my version of Echo.  Deleting them (and their related clips) did the trick for me.  Thanks for all your help!

Hi Tranglos. Regarding the "Short" view on my 64-bit computer: I tried your suggestions but still got the same result (short clips aren't displayed on the Short tab). Relevant screenshots are shown below.
-rashford (January 15, 2012, 07:42 AM)
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Thanks for the screenshots. And thanks for finding a living, squirming bug, too! :)

I don't yet know why this happens, but it seems that when there is only one filter defined, the result is wrong if you select the "Match any filter (OR)" option, above the filter properties. If you click the other option (AND), you will get the correct results, so as a workaround this is what you can do now. Of course the AND/OR choice should have no effect when there's just one filter.

Scratch all that, sorry, that's all wrong. Back to square one on this.

The "All Clips" view show that there are short clips -rashford (January 15, 2012, 07:45 AM)
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Could you email me the database you used to create these screenshots?
(marek (at) tranglos (dot) com)

The SQL Echo executes is correct  (and indeed identical whether the "AND" or the "OR" option is selected, as it should be in this case). So my next guess is that perhaps the clip length stored in the database is incorrect for some reason.

In your screenshot of the main screen, the first clip is selected. The clip seems to consist only of the word "And", but in the info bar says its length is 39 characters. This is wrong and it is why the clip does not get selected for the filter. Can you check if the length of other clips is correct? Or is the clip actually longer? What does it look like in the editor?

On edit: I can confirm that when you edit a clip, under some conditions Echo does not save the new length of the edited clip. That would cause clips to be incorrectly included (or excluded) from the "Short" view.

However, in your screenshot I can see that the clip "And" on top has not been edited, and yet its length is still incorrect. Can't explain this one yet.

Hey tranglos,

it would be nice, to have a preview-pane for the selected clip (first one for multiselect).
Most of my clips are code-snippets with more than 2 lines (MaxLinesPerItem := 2) and it is not very useful to load them to the editor for a preview :)

it would be nice, to have a preview-pane for the selected clip (first one for multiselect).
Most of my clips are code-snippets with more than 2 lines (MaxLinesPerItem := 2) and it is not very useful to load them to the editor for a preview :)
-Sascha (January 16, 2012, 01:45 AM)
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I understand. The issue here is that adding another pane to the main window would change the overall behavior of the UI in a way I don't want. Echo (like Ditto) maintains what I call a "unified focus": you never need to tab from one control to another, e.g. from the clip list to the search box, in order to scroll the list or perform a search. No matter which part of the UI is focused, you can scroll the list and enter a search string at the same time. To me, this is the single most important feature of the program, because it lets you do the job with absolute minimum of key presses, and you never have to think of "where you are" in the UI.

Doing this for two controls (the list and the edit box) was possible though somewhat tricky, because Echo has to fight the regular Windows behavior to achieve this (and there are minor inconsistencies that can't be helped, like the behavior of Home/End keys).

I'm not sure it could work for three or more controls, though. This is basically the same reason Echo does not have categories or tags: they would require a third focusable panel, which really breaks the whole concept.

But I've added your request to the wishlist and I'll think of how I could do it without breaking Echo :)


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