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NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

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I'm currently using an old version of Clipmate that suffers from sporadic annoying disconnects from the clipboard. Don't feel like shelling out $35 for the latest so started searching for an alternative. First place to look was techsupportalert. Tried every one mentioned, each one with major flaws. Saw Ethervane mentioned in a comment and found this to be the best so far. There are, however, two shortcomings that stop me from fully recommending this great piece of software.

1) There needs to be better sorting options, especially a user-defined sort. The sort by ID would be great if only it were both viewable and modifiable. Clipmate has a MySort option (a modifiable number).

2) It can be somewhat problematic in Ethervane when one has a number of long, multiline clips: it can be both hard to find and hard to distinguish some clips as a result. Clipmate solves this problem by having a rename-able clip title attached to each clip.

Anyway, I'm living with these issues for now and hope that you continue to develop Ethervane Echo!

Like the previous poster, I joined this site primarily to express my admiration for Echo. It's a fabulous piece of software, head and shoulders above the other clipboard extenders out there. The level of thought that went into the design is really impressive.
-Lazy Moon (June 22, 2012, 01:05 PM)
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Thank you kindly! I apologize for the late reply, I'm just back from vacation.

I do however want to note that I have the same problem posted by Hangdog on January 7th and Silat on April 6th: in Windows 7 x64, for some reason, the status of the tray icon is not saved between sessions. In other words, when the tray icon is set to "Show icon and notifications", it appears, but it will not persist once the user has logged off. On the next login, the icon is hidden again and needs to be reset to "Show". The settings for the tray icons of every other application I'm using persist between sessions; Echo is the only exception. From earlier comments by Tranglos and others I gather this is not a problem in 32-bit versions of Windows, but there does seem to be something about Echo that makes it problematic for the 64-bit version to retain this particular setting, although I can't imagine what it is.

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This behavior is governed entirely by Windows. I can try replacing the tray icon library that I'm using with a different one, but I've no idea if this will help.

What would be more likely to help is me switching to 64-bit Windows and the latest 64-bit version of Delphi. I'll move on to Win64 eventually, but the cost of upgrading Delphi and all the third party libraries would go into thousands of dollars, so I'm afraid this is very unlikely. In fact, a move to Win64 will probably mean the end of all development on my side, unless I can continue using the 32-bit version of Delphi.

People are using the VB6 IDE in Win 7 64 bit.
VB6 only comes in a 32 bit version.
You may have to play with the Compatibility settings, EG -
- For all users
- XP mode
- And perhaps say the bottom 3 checkboxes (there is a set of 5 in the middle of the dialog)

People are using the VB6 IDE in Win 7 64 bit.
VB6 only comes in a 32 bit version.
-RobC (July 09, 2012, 11:39 AM)
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I don't use VB, sorry :-)

Delphi now has a 64-bit version, and I could upgrade to it, but in order to continue development I'd also have to upgrade several third-party libraries. That last thing is a joy-killer, as the cost of upgrading them all is way too high for me.

What I meant was, what works for the Goose (VB6), should work for the Gander (Delphi)


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