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NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

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Just to say thanks tranglos for the new version and the changes and additions  :)

I can't confirm this. Does this happen with the same configuration settings as you describe below?
-tranglos (February 21, 2012, 07:17 AM)
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Yes, it does so only the first time after copying a text, clicking in notepad to put the cursor where to paste and then double click on the 2nd item or after. It paste the 1st item.

That's because minimizeondeactivate is set to true. I'm sorry, it cannot work both ways at the same time. With that configuration, you are telling Echo to restore itself after pasting but also to minimize when it is not active. And, after pasting it is not active, as it shouldn't be, because you are working in some other application (the one into which you pasted a clip). The settings to stay on top and to restore after pasting only make sense when minimizeondeactivate is false.

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MinimizeOnDeactivate must not work for a window what is set on top.
waRestore must not work when a window is NOT set op top.

Actually, the clip is captured, it just doesn't appear in the list. (Check it by switching to another view and back.) Echo just doesn't refresh the view, because it thinks it does not have to, because minimizeondeactivate is set to true :-)

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Same as above:
MinimizeOnDeactivate must i.m.o. not work for a window what is set on top.

Indeed when I first click in the window of Ether. echo and then copy text the clips are visible added.

Is there a way to remove the Taskbar icon?

Is there a way to remove the Taskbar icon?
-mentallo (February 21, 2012, 10:30 PM)
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No, not entirely. The taskbar icon disappear when Echo minimizes to the tray:
Tools -> Preferences -> Display -> HideoTray (set to True).

But when Echo is restored, the taskbar icon will appear.

The taskbar icon does NOT disappear for me even when the app is minimized. I have the setting set to True for "HideToTray".


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