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Linux hacked

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^Sorry to disappoint. But zridling and 40hz are serious and unapologetic Linux users.  :P
-40hz (September 02, 2011, 11:02 AM)
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Stoic Joker:
Now Ren, I thought we agreed to (only burning the Mac types) cut down on torching people ... The *nix crowd is ok.

But isn't the mac crowd sort of mixed in with the *nix crowd now?

The Mac crowdies are bastards.

But isn't the mac crowd sort of mixed in with the *nix crowd now?
-wraith808 (September 02, 2011, 12:20 PM)
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Nope. They want nothing to do with us nixers.

How the discussion usually goes

As far as they're concerned we're just wannabe Mac users that don't have enough education (or contacts) to get a job that pays well enough for us to afford Apple hardware. Which makes us just a bunch of techno-hippies, slackers, and eurotrash losers - in short,  nothing like the upwardly mobile and incredibly hip "beautiful people" that make up the Macintosh culture.

So please don't lump us in with the Mac crowd.

Because the Mac crowd certainly doesn't.


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