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Big Brands and Public API


Is it just me or most of you who fetch public API from big brands are fed of project dropping and in turn API? Yahoo is closing many developer network API's lately and Search monkey was the one which i used a lot and they shut down last year. Similarly Y!Boss seems to be merging with Bing, so there is no point in creating any app that fetches Y! Explorer data.

Same with google. They're also closing few projects.

Wave, Notebook, Google Labs and Google desktop search(no updates).

Is there any point in relying on these big brands for the data ? I have found that some other less popular brands are more consistent with their support with improvements in API and projects.

Thoughts ?

It's disappointing, yes, but it's their prerogative.  *shrug*

I hear you.

I've had problems with the Facebook API as they've had things broken and probably some of the worst documentation ever semi-written.

As for closing... yeah... They hype this stuff up, get everyone to invest in their platform, then drop it. It's maddening.

If at all possible, I try to keep away from anything that can screw me like that. It's not always possible though.


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