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Explorer with Ribbon

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This image is from the MS blog post about it, check the critique here as well.

Personally I have never been a big fan of the ribbon, I think it is the mix of large and small icons that makes it look cluttered to me. I can see how it might make it possible to fit in more actions, but frankly I often find I spend way too much time looking for the ones I actually need.

At any rate, I am sure it will help people who aren't capable of using keyboard shortcuts and context menus to use explorer, and provide a colorful (150 pixel height!) distraction for me :P.

I agree that the screenshot looks scary.

Though, Microsoft is investing a lot of time and resources into UI and I bet they have done or are doing a lot of field testing. They would not make the change if the results were not conclusive. The ribbon has a potential to help newbie users, who like big, non-moving, descriptive buttons. I also see that little arrow in the upper right corner that would likely hide the panel and I can keep using context menu as before. It can still suck though - there are too many distracting colorful words.

I'll delay my final judgement until I can play with it myself for a while.

Stoic Joker:
I like keyboard shortcuts and context menus, so as long as they keep the little Hide-the-Silly-Ribbon arrow button in the top right corner ... I'm ok with it being there/an option for end users.

His article seeming ignores a lot of what is stated in the blog post- some of the resources he repurposes from the blog post leave out the context.  For example, the usage patterns state what they are now, and the engineers suppose that making the used functionality more visible and larger, that the usage patterns will change.

I just hope they put in a way to hide itShown below is how it looks minimized, though it won't really matter to me as I use directory opus 90% of the time anyway.*

*And the other 10% is XYplorer LOL :)

I'm glad hiding it looks at least reasonably usable, thanks for the screenshot.

Btw, anyone else mildly amused by the fact that they removed the menu, added the ribbon, added tabs to the ribbon, and now it more or less looks like the menu used to in the above screenshot? :D


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