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which hierarchical note program?

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okay, i'll keep checking the Bitwise magazine for any updates but could you please post back here when you feel Mentalika is ready for a more general audience - i'm sure i won't be the only person that would like to know.
-nudone (May 20, 2005, 06:12 AM)
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Okeydokey. As you might imagine I'm a bit snowed under with other matters just at the moment. But I'll get my mind tuned into other things again some time after June the 1st....  :)

Hey, I would like to bring back to life the topic of hierarchical notes - it's handy that the posting window tells me just how far out of sync with the rest of the world I am: at least 120 days!  I'm new to working this way, and it's making a real difference in my work - I'm mainly using it for to-do lists, and mainly working on my pocket pc with Pocket Informant, which does this very well indeed.  But when I synchronise with Outlook or Calendarscope, my notes are all flattened and not nearly as useful.  Can I gather some views and experiences on using hierarchical notes and to-dos on a Pocket PC and syncing with desktop?  I'm soon going to contribute a mini-review of MyLifeOrganized, but the PPC version of that's in beta and doesn't yet sync....  I've downloaded a trial of Listpro, but I haven't really giving it a proper trial yet.  What do others use?

there are now so many tools for keeping hierarchical notes -
a review + recommendation of such tools would be so useful.  it would also be the mother of all reviews, and i've not yet found someone who has the stomach for it.. if there are any takers.. let us know..

I'm a registered TexNotes Pro user.  It's a great app, with many outstanding features.  My greatest disappointment with it is it's lack of PDA (Palm, in my case) support.  The Developers claim that such a feature would be worthwhile, but there's been no notiveable advancment towards.

Another shout for texnotes pro.


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