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a light notetaker/word processor that autohides to the side of the screen

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Actually, no, it's not that good, I get 'subscript out of bounds' :) . THe quest continues...

Just possibly minipad2?  Web site is Chinese, program is in English.  But it doesn't quite fit...  not sure it does RTF, for example.  Interesting-looking thing, and improved since I last looked.

It was actually Word 365 beta with a scripted browser plugin - he just doesn't want to let on... :P

(Sorry, don't have any ideas on anything that matches that description, just couldn't let it pass by though).

or maybe Stick?
Stick is a Windows application (Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 only) which offers utilities such as folder explorers, web browsers and notepads in tabs that attach to the sides of your screen (called ScreenTabs). ScreenTabs are super customizable tab-shaped windows that let you access the aforementioned utilities quickly and easily.
--- End quote ---

Ooh, Stick looks kind of cool, going to try that...


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