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Helpinator 3.5 - feedback required


Hello everyone!

Short intro: Helpinator is a single source / multi-language/ multi-format help authoring tool. And it is my creation :)

In the new release we've added a new feature called "Step-by-step Guides". Generally it's a tool to create tutorials from images in Helpinator project "Image library". Each step has assigned image, title and textual description. When you compile CHM/Web help embedded guide turns into a Javascript slideshow and in PDF/RTF mode - into a sequence of images with titles and descriptions. Here's our blog post about this feature:

Main ideas:
1. Explaining even complex actions becomes simple when you split it into steps and illustrate with annotated images and little text.
2. Guide exports into all supported formats without any actions from user side.

Are we going in the right direction? Did we miss something important? I'll be glad to hear from you, even hard criticism :)

Did we miss something important?
-DmitriPopov (August 26, 2011, 09:06 AM)
--- End quote ---
The only important missing feature missing so far, after only looking at the website :-[, is a feature comparison between the Free and the Pro version. And the discount offer on the Order page expired some 4 weeks ago, so probably isn't of use any longer...

For the rest it looks like a useful tool, that might finally induce me to write some proper walk-troughs of some of my tools...

Ath, thank you! Comparison matrix is somewhat hidden indeed, it's available only from Free edition UI. I'll add a link to the download page.

A video tutorial
Portable version U3
Installed the soft chose French and see that is not complete the Menu portion is in ENGLISH


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