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Seriously, Youtube is becoming impossible!

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Just a quick rant about how full of Adverts youtube videos are becoming.

Seriously, I just watched a 2 minute video clip and was having to keep clicking those annoying as hell "close" buttons that are so small, you miss half the video trying to aim on them...if you miss, your taken to the spam site, and when you finally hit the damn X, the video has finished.

Its driving me mental and I'm now in the process of finding a good alternative to youtube that doesn't drive you absolutely mental.

Have you tried Vimeo?

As for YouTube... Sigh... Yeah... They're becoming more and more obnoxious.

I've noticed that Google's ads are becoming more and more deceptive in different contexts.

Has YouTube made some major changes recently?

Because the FF Adblock Plus browser extension always used to do a good job of eliminating them. It's true those miserable adverts will reappear every so often. But the developer stays on top of things and updates regularly. So whenever adverts change tactics, the very next update to ABP (or one of its filter subscriptions) starts catching them. At least so far. Worst case (for me) has been having to put up with those ads for about a day before they magically vanish once again.

I take Adblock Plus for granted so much that I'm always stunned at what places like YouTube get up to whenever I use a browser that doesn't have it. Which is why Adblock Plus (and NoScript  :up:) are the first extensions I load whenever I'm installing Firefox.

ABP and NoScript are two extensions I also regularly send in a contribution for. I'd have gone crazy by now without them. ;D

Note: There's also versions available for Chrome and K-Meleon :-* if you're not a Firefox user.

Carol Haynes:
DId you see Google have just been slammed with a $500m fine for allowing illegal pharmacy ads using adwords!

This is what happens when you have a video service developed by an advertising company. :)


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