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Alternativas soft imageshack uploader

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I would like software for upload images to a server and obtain the links to insert in a forum like I do with imageshack uploader.
Best Regards

JShot or Shotty are two I have used before. The former has FTP support.

Both programs are oriented to screenshots. I usually use imageshack to upload images I have stored in my pc.
Anyone knows more software to do this ?

Best Regards.

JShot and Shotty are perfect to upload screenshots.

I use JSHOT and like it ... several plugins for upload to various servers inclding minus and dropbox and picassa.

Uses java and works on mac and linux too in addition to windows

You might want to look at Glenn's software like Auto FTP or Send To FTP
Don't remember any exist that are straight to a FTP server and provide a link unless you upload to services like imageshack or dropbox public folder


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