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Share your mouse and keyboard with multiple Mac or Windows computers

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ShareMouse website is not available today when I tried a download.

I'm quite interested in checking this out, especially as I tried the ridiculous MS Mouse Without Borders thing last week.

Mouse Without Borders is a horrible FAIL at best.  It totally relies on MS WorkGroup networking, which has always been crap. There was no way I could get two computers to connect through a desktop switch, even though they could ping each other.  Because of the switch, they couldn't grok each others Computer Name and so wouldn't talk.  Totally not workable for here at work, which is where I have the real requirement.  Might work for a home setup.

I'm interesetd to find out if ShareMouse uses something modern like an IP address rather than old MS horsecrap networking models.

I'll continue to try the site today, to see if it comes back up.  DonationCoder may have killed it! (which would be a good sign)

Indeed, our web server is down. I hope our hosting provider 1&1 will sort it out quickly. You can find at Twitter, that many other companies with dedicated servers running at 1&! are affected too. Seems to be a bigger problem.

The download failing has been reported in their issue tracker on 9/9, and I get the impression that nobody even looked at it >:(

deleted cuz I wasn't watching what I was doing and mis-posted.

Our server seems to be online again:


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