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Share your mouse and keyboard with multiple Mac or Windows computers

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Renegade, I believe it would be more efficient to just...

1. Unzip the 1MB ShareMouse Portable files on your desktop

2. Double-Click the ShareMouse runtime .exe

...than writing multiple posts indicating that you consider to try it out. I doubt that you would trust 2nd hand information more than your own.

-BartelsMedia (October 02, 2011, 02:18 AM)
--- End quote ---

Actually, I value the opinions of a lot of people here, so that's why I asked.

I really really really hate installing new software if I can avoid it, so I like to "dip my toes in the waters" if possible, and get opinions first.

Still... seeing that there's a portable version... very tempting... :)

But I'm still at least 2 weeks out from needing it (or being in a position to really give it a decent try), so I don't want to waste the trial period when I won't be able to properly evaluate it.

I've done that before where I downloaded and installed some software, but never had time to properly evaluate it. I've learned to be a bit more patient. :)

ShareMouse will not have any trial period that would expire after x days. These x days trial models are stupid as those can be easily hacked.

Instead, you can test ShareMouse for an unlimited "trial" period. The final version will just disconnect after a few minutes of use.


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