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U.S. East coast quake - Everybody OK?

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In VA.  Work is about 30 mi from epicenter; house  about half that. A bit of shaking, but no damage; precarious things were still perched as normal the only evidence was my sons Lego minifigs were overturned. Aftershocks last nit and this morning; again, nothing major.

In southwestern Connecticut about 46.5 miles (75km) away from NYC and roughly 330 miles from the epicenter.

All is calm. All is bright.  :)

A little tremor. Definitely enough to notice, but nothing damaged as far as this morning's news has reported. Yay!

China rattling?
-Edvard (August 24, 2011, 11:19 AM)
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Spoke to father-in-law in China, he says that nothing rattled there.  :huh:

As it happens, a colleague here in NJ was on a conference call to Toronto. They felt the quake a short time after we did, it was interesting to note the time delay.

Hopefully it doesn't sound callous to say, particularly to those who *have* experienced damage - much less loss of life - from earthquakes, but: I kind of enjoy them! I say this as a West Coaster though. Maybe having grown up with them all my life has made me used to them so I can experience them with a proper mix of fear and excitement. Think about it: if you knew there would be no damage or loss of life, the whole Earth shaking would be a pretty exciting and novel experience!

That being said, I'm glad everyone is OK. FSM knows we've had plenty of deadly and tragic earthquakes in recent years.

- Oshyan

I kind of enjoy them!
-JavaJones (August 24, 2011, 01:35 PM)
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My GF gets off on violent thunderstorms and major blizzards.

You two really need to get together!  :-\



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