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This post is just to remind you that we regularly arrange special discounts for software that wins our best-in-class award, on behalf of the members of this site.

These discounts are usually listed in the reviews themselves, and on our spotlight page:

We get absolutely no commission from these offers, but they are available only for donating members of, and we do hope that they will encourage you to make a donation to this site.

If you are a member of the site you can view the special offers in the Members Only section of the forum:

If you would like to become a permanent member by making a single donation of any amount you choose, visit the donation page:


Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

  Even though my Trialpay did come through (they responded to my request only a couple of days later than expected) and even though the Lite version is very strong for daily use, I took the 2-license Pro special (making three) at the final cost today of $23.40 ! Part of that was anticipation of an auxiliary USB license being used as well as my home and work puters.  One at home with Pro, one at work with Pro, the USB with Pro and auxiliaries with Lite.

   Most of the DonationCoder folks who use Linkman will probably find a good use for a license so remember that the biggest discount, 40% -- is today.  Although don't feel bad if you read this when the discount is still 20% or 30% .. we are talking inexpensive for a good tool.

  (I just downloaded Macro Express to give it an April trial, and that would be $30 for a Pro license .. if I like it a lot after use, with discount.)

  It is really kewl when the programmers give us good feedback here, making their software much more usable.  My thanks to Mouser and the DC crew for setting up a place where the developers have that type of comfort level.

Steven Avery


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