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Undervolting -- my hands are thanking me

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Nothing special here. Don't laugh. But I need to share my joy.
For some reasons the last time I tried undervolting my laptop's CPU, it didn't work. I must have done something wrong (didn't have any guide). I'm really glad I tried again.

I tried to "undervolt" my laptop's CPU 2 days ago and... Success ! My CPU "idle" (well, semi-idle...) temp went from 60-65C to 40-45C. A whopping 20C. It's super stable (tested it with Orthos, prime95 and just did a lot video rendering) and I don't feel like I'm slowly cooking my hands anymore...

Not only that, but I also gained some extra "battery life" and a barely audible fan.  :)

I followed these 2 forum posts, mainly (plus a few other more technical articles). My first setup took me 1h30 total (reading the articles, setting the apps up, testing for 45 min.):

The apps you're going to need :
RM Clock Utility

VoilĂ .

Nice one!

I hope it's easy to revert, come the winter  ;D

I hope it's easy to revert, come the winter  ;D
-cranioscopical (August 20, 2011, 10:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

Haha! Yes... It's easy to revert. And, true actually... when winter comes, laptop heat can actually be welcome!  :)
During Montreal summer though, it's another story, completely. :onfire:

I guess I'm going to be doing this tonight. There goes my evening.

Cool stuff.. Didn't even realize this was possible.


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