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HP announces it's discontinuing all WebOS device development

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Gonna have to side with Wraith on that point. It was far from being a 'token effort 'no matter how you want to look at it.

But HP has a board who's dancing the jig so many US companies dance to please the investment analysts and mutual and hedge fund managers. It's a practice that's netted billions for the financial community and corporate officer's stock options.

But it's destroying the very companies that are playing this game. To say nothing of destroying employment opportunities, innovation, and long-term economic viability.

Time was when these so-called financial experts and investors were called "carpet baggers."

Too bad the name (instead of the practice) went out of vogue.

I never cared about WebOS as I haven't been in touch with it. But given the fact people seem convinced it was a nice rival to iOS, I am sad. But given HPs history for total crapware in both the manufacturing and software bits for at least consumer products, I can only hate them more. HP servers might be their only good product.

I'm hopeful they'll eventually hand the source for WebOS over to the OSF.

But knowing the way corporate boards work, it will probably never happen.

Especially if a patent has been filed for anything (no matter how trivial, stupid, or obvious) that's found within it. Look how Microsoft is allowing FoxPro to wither and die of neglect rather than release it to a community that can (and would) do something with it.

I'm guessing WebOS will eventually be sold and end up in some IP troll's portfolio. :-\

first meego and now webos. Guess we're out of luck for getting mainstream devices with proper linux. i feel cursed.

As for the hardware, I am quite pleased with my HP mininote (the 2133, came with linux, although i replaced suse) and I had just bought an envy 14 which is a wonderful machine. before that i was unimpressed with the normal machines (servers are pretty fine)

And in the same breath they buy Autonomy. Madness.


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