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HP announces it's discontinuing all WebOS device development

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That is too funny. For a minute you really had me...


You're kidding!

You mean it's not a joke?

No more WebOS?
No more TouchPad?
No more Pre 3?

And HP also announced it plans on getting out of the PC business?

Wow! Can you say "WTF?"

OSNews article here.


Carol Haynes:
Would anyone cry if HP disappeared altogether? I certainly wouldn't.

Many of us in server rooms all over the world would.  :)

So will a lot of developers who were interested in the WebOS platform. Especially since HP was doing everything it could to treat them right. Contrast with iOS if you need to examine why.

It's seldom a good thing when there's less competition in the market.

Just my tuppence.   :)

Just my tuppence.   :)
-40hz (August 19, 2011, 08:07 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'll throw in a couple more towards your pot. :)

And Shades post below made me post something else about why I'd miss them.  They have great potential.  They just have changed into a company that's a shadow of what they were, and it's infecting the rest of their business.

I *still* use my tc1100 that I purchased a while ago.  Why can't they make something as revolutionary now?

Well, I still have a fully functional 10-year old HP laptop, which is still used several hours a day for playing (small) games, minor office work and an occasional movie. Their server room hardware was always very good. and HP LaserJet4 and 5 printers...rock solid.

So yeah, I would miss 'em.


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