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Strip all metadata on saving option


Though the metadata SC saves with an image can be useful locally, there's an amount & detail of it that can be compromising if not removed before forwarding an image to 3rd partys.  Using windows to create a copy removing all properties is time consuming and inconvenient, when such an option could be present in the SC file save as box. Therefore I would like to request the addition of such a feature.

generally my position has been that if you don't want the metadata notes (typically date+time of capture along with application window being captured) in your files, you can just disable them.

but i can definitely see the value of keeping the info in local files but choosing to remove it when making a copy.  i will add this ability..i just have to see how hard it would be to add it to the save as dialog.  i may have to go with a different option like a different Save menu item "Save without metadata.."

Has been added to beta version.. will be in next release.

Nice one mouser!
Perfectly implemented.


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