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SoftMaker Office 2012 BETA testing

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Posted in August 15, 2011 ¬ 5:52 pmh.admin

SoftMaker Office 2012 will be released this year. Right now, we are preparing the public beta test which will soon be announced.

To whet your appetite, we will be talking about the new features and improvements in SoftMaker Office 2012 in the coming weeks here at the SoftMaker Blog. Be sure to come back regularly to find out about the latest news.

Let’s start with PlanMaker 2012. It closes the last remaining compatibility gaps with Microsoft Excel:

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What’s new in PlanMaker 2012?

    XLSX import now also allows seamless access to XLSX files created in Microsoft Excel 2010.

    PlanMaker 2012 can now also save in XLSX format, which means that Excel 2007 and 2010 can access your PlanMaker calculations without taking the detour to XLS format.

    User-defined number formats are now fully Excel-compatible. Even the most complicated user-defined formats will now be imported and exported correctly.

    Finally, we added the format Format/Cell/Text that lets you format cells as text even if you enter numeric values.

    PlanMaker 2012 supports charts not only on worksheets but also on separate chart sheets.

But better compatibility was not the only thing we worked on. We also added new features, such as data consolidation, a command to split cell contents to multiple columns, new chart types, and commands for automatically removing empty rows and duplicate values.

And Excel diehards will gladly find that the commands Copy down and Copy from left are now also supported by PlanMaker.

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All customers who purchase SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows at list price after August 15, 2011 will receive a free upgrade (delivered by download) to SoftMaker Office 2012 for Windows when it is released.
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Please suggest that a mailto link be activated in the new version. It worked in the Ashampoo 2010 version but when I "Upgrade" to Softmaker 2010 the links stopped working.

Gary Larivee

Please suggest that a mailto link be activated in the new version. -cgl (August 22, 2011, 07:18 AM)
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-would that be a link it is creating,  or reading,  or both situations?

Formatting made easier in TextMaker 2012 @ The SoftMaker Blog
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Many small improvements in SoftMaker Office 2012 @ The SoftMaker Blog

It’s not only the big things that make a new version easier to use. Many small things taken together can bring a significant step forward in ease of use, too. And SoftMaker Office 2012 adds many small improvements. So, let the parade begin…: (read more at )

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