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OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS

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Mouser, What is the current status of this project? Is there a public version that can be played with or viewed?

I haven't done much work on YUMPS in a while, but I'm trying to get myself worked up to make another run at it.. Scary thing is i'm thinking about starting from scratch and spending a little more time on up-front design, and doing so in a language-neutral way.

I could release the existing YUMPS code but i'm not sure what good that would do anyone..

^Don't know if it's still as true, but back when I was doing some coding, I was told "Always write it twice - then throw the first version out. Because you're gonna do it anyway."

The guy that taught the course (a crusty old IBM 'Lifer' if there ever was one) said the first version of most code seldom does more show you how you should have written it.

 ;D 8)

Exactly: Plan to throw one away.

^That's where that came from. Haven't reread MMM in ages. Maybe it's time I do?

Also thx for that link - that entire wiki is hysterical. ;D ;D ;D


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