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OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS

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mouser invented the internet  ;D

Nothing fancy, but an early screenshot of administration view of users:
OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS

I will be adding a lot more information to that page, but the point I wanted to emphasize was that the whole focus of this codebase is to give administrators a rich set of tools for managing their userbase.  Thus the focus on bulk/batch operations, sortable and searchable grids, etc.

Ditto with providing a top quality logging system.

Again, I think that where YUMPS has a chance to shine is that every single forum, cms, blogging system -- they ALL RE-implement basically the same kind of foundational infrastructure for managing users.. but it's usually not their primary focus -- their primary focus is on the specific kind of CONTENT that they manage.  But with YUMPS, the primary focus *IS* this foundation of user management.

So YUMPS should have the best user management/registration/tracking/logging/usergroups/coding api.

Very nice! Indeed, you may be onto something big here. These days, CMS backed sites are the vast majority.. so you're talking about a huge market, and a compelling divergent vision that many will like.

Cool.  I have a couple of entrepreneur friends here, I'll see what they think.  I also was introduced to the venture capitalist system here a couple of months ago, and they made it sound easier than I was imagining, so I was going to check that out also.
-superboyac (March 12, 2012, 10:43 AM)
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Don't get me started on this ;p. Everyone wants easy money.. have a mere 'idea', go tell it to someone, and get a million bucks to start your company .. Too many ideas out there, too little implemention. Myself, I 'just do it'. The VC guys know what is up by now though, the age where they just handed out money to any web project are over .. at least I hope ;). It really became more like a get-rich-quick scheme than anything. Found some random company doing X, don't worry that much about how great it is, but make it good enough, or threatening enough, to be acquired by a larger corporation.

The first version of the YUMPS logging system is now implemented.

I posted here about my struggles with deciding the best way to structure a log table.

Lacking a perfect answer, I tried to finesse the approach -- basically I wrote a fairly generic logging system where any code can make a call to log an event and pass any array of variables to log.

The log router uses configurable rules to decide which of multiple database Log Tables the event gets stored into.  Most events might be routed to a generic main log file, but special events can be routed to specialist tables (or in fact saved to a file or emailed to an admin).

You could also if you wanted use different tables for storing errors vs warnings, or for routing specific kinds of events, etc.

The log system will automatically use table columns for the event fields if they exist, or else store them in a serialized text field if they do not.  In this way I think I can combine the best of both worlds -- using very small efficient log tables for special kinds of events, and a generic table for most others -- and provide good searchability for most fields (which is the main driving force for supporting specialized columns in the log tables), even when using non-specialized log tables.

In addition to the generic administration grid for the log entries that i have shown before (which allows flexible browsing and searching), log items can also easily be moved between log tables -- allowing one to keep a large ARCHIVE table and a small main table, or use certain tables for longer term storage of questionable entries while clearing the rest.

It's extremely easy to add new log tables to the system and configure YUMPS so that it knows about them and makes them available to the admin.  So adding custom logging features should be very easy for custom projects.  In the screenshot below you can see I simply configured 3 log tables and told the system that entries can be moved from the main one to the other two.

At some later point I will add some options to configure periodic automatic moving of items from one table to another based on date or other fields.

The logging system also makes use of my Throttling component, which can watch for degenerate cases where something goes wrong and huge numbers of log entries start being created -- at which point it can temporary disable logging and alert the administrator about the problem (you learn to implement such things after a few experiences on donationcoder where 500 fatal error emails are sent in the course of 60 seconds).

OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS


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