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OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS

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Hmm... I was looking pretty hard a Yii, but then thought Symfony 2 looked a little better.

If I had a "support group" I might be interested in using more ;)

I'm looking for a platform to build some serious (IMHO) web application(s).  It's really one application, with several default views.

I would also like it known that once YUMPS is complete, I plan to help mouser test it with an upcoming project for the site. I guess you could say that is why I hope to motivate him to continue the hard work he is doing on it. Please, do not take my joking as an attempt to insult mouser, but more a way to drive him to continue the many great things he does. I know what is in store and I think this new idea will serve the ideas behind DonationCoder quite well. I am very anxious to get started on it and can't wait for YUMPS to be completed!

I'm really hoping this becomes a "pluggable"/"isolated" user validation system.  I currently have Linux validating against AD using Quest (via PAM) and adLDAP.  I'd live a single point to alter for Yii support.  I can supply Group Membership, etc.  I just need 1 point   to change for framework wide authentication.

Party on dudes.

Meanwhile I'm doing my part by supplying mouser with commercial projects to test and improve YUMPS on. :D

- Oshyan

The best part of such a framework is that once embedded into sites, you could charge for customizations. There is real potential here. I stated this a long time ago, but figured I'd say it again.


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