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OLD - Unfinished Web project: YUMPS

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Perry Mowbray:
I've got a couple of Yii projects bubbling along (well, not very bubbling because I've got other things drawing on my time at the moment), and the user management on Yii is neat and powerful, but not delivered as a plugin... so the common user functions have to be pieced together each project.

I'm keen to see how you go, and support  :-*

Perry Mowbray:
I'll post some updates and screenshots as I go along -- still a ton of work to do and it's a rather massive project.  And I would be very interested in hearing ideas and suggestions for it.
-mouser (August 14, 2011, 01:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

If it's something all encompassing, maybe if it's done in a modular way so that aspects can be excluded if not required?

For example, if you don't want Projects for a particular site it can be excluded from the Db and interface.

Perry, that walking trip looks wild.  :Thmbsup:

Yeah i haven't figured out how modular i want to make it.. It should definitely be easy to disable features from the user's viewpoint, but i don't know how much work it's worth putting in just to avoid a few empty tables.

One of the lessons I learned from playing with Drupal is that even in the best cases, it can be messy to maintaining a bunch of modules that interact but can't guarantee each-others-presence.  So my inclination for now is to build this as a complete integrated system (or rather as a single yii module) that is installed as an all-in-one solution.

I also must agree with 40hz about the license. Be CAREFUL! The largest issue is that it takes so little for some ahole to come and, completely legally, take your code - fork it - and call it his own. Seriously. He can then even starting selling the darn thing, though it must still remain open source. I've seen some people fork projects, add 'proprietary' 'extensions' that they make 'closed source' (yes, questionable) .. then sell the entire package, using your code to do the heavily lifting.

I like open source, but it really tends to be very unfair to the developer(s) who put the most into the project. I could see people paying a small fee for a commercial use license for this.

Importantly, you can make it open source without giving too much away. You just have to make the license terms sufficiently restrictive (dunno which boilerplate license is best).

As for investors, are you looking for investors? Be careful with that stuff. Sometimes it sounds like an obvious win, but in your case I'm not sure you'd be comfortable given x% of your project away to get a few dollars. These investors also like to demand they have control, like putting in a new CEO above your head to keep an eye on things. It depends on the arrangement. Usually these are best for 100% commercial projects that you intend to later sale to some larger company.

Lastly, be sure to keep differentiating yourself from the CMS competition! That is key here.

I'm not looking for investors since i don't think something like this can be sold.. But i'd be very pleased to find a company that would be willing to fund further development/customization for use in other projects, enough so i could keep working on it.


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