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This is neat!


I've been looking for "launcher" for a while, tried quite a few - Objectdock, Rocketdock etc. They all seem more interested in eye-candy than function. I realy like this one. I'm sure this is me being dim but how do I dock to left or right edge of screen, as the example in the thread "LaunchBar Commander Screenshots"?

To change the docking side, right click to undock, and then drag to the side of the screen you want to dock to.

And don't miss some screencast videos here:

I must be dumb as soup. I was trying to drag a docked horizontal bar to be a vertical bar - didn't realize the need to undock first.

That's not being dumb, that's a natural thing to try to do, and most dockable applications work like that.. It's just not something you can do with LBC.


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