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Carl Stone:
FREE is the best discount I know of.

With me being out of work in recent years I found it difficult
if not impossible to rent movies or DVD's from local video
rental stores or even get out to watch a movie here or there
at area theaters, just haven't had the money to go out.

I thought about getting cable TV but again I'm barely
scraping by for the high speed internet through Spectrum
each month let alone bundling phone and cable TV too.

As recently as last week an online pal of mine in another
part of the country turned me onto a program called Kodi
, it's a program for your computer and they even have an
app for your tablet or smart phone, its basically a home
theater program that turns your computer, laptop, tablet,
or smart phone into a home theater system. The program
itself is rather mundane but it's magic lies in it's many
installable and downloadable Add-Ons (Content Providers)
that give you access to hundreds and even thousands of
online media repositories.....latest films and music videos
and just about every film you can think of can be found.
Programs, games, and music Add-Ons as well.

It even has an Add-On for YouTube and other such sites
that allow you to search and play the content in Kodi.

It's really easy to learn, their is quite a cult fallowing on
the internet for this gem of a program and how to video
tutorials are available in the program itself as well as on
YouTube for adding Add-Ons and Media Sources.

And did I mention all of the above is completely FREE?
Just run a Google Search for "Kodi" to download the
computer program, and you can get there app on the
Google Playstore for your devices such as tablets and
smart phones.  Enjoy.....I know I have been.

Carl Stone


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