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This section is for posts relating to deals/discounts found on the web.

So any kind of special offers or discounts relating to software are acceptable in that section (the offers should be at a minimum be computer related).

We will allow posts from people with a financial stake in the offer - but you must make clear your affiliation with the company.

And do not spam the section with repeated multiple posts.

And hey if you find a good (software) deal on the web, please post it - might be nice if this section turned into a useful resource!

NEW GUIDELINE MAY 13, 2011 : I think in order to better organize the found discounts section, and make it easier for people to find stuff long term, posters should try to post the the daily/weekly deal-site announcements either:

* In a single thread for the giveaway site (giveaway of the day thread for example)
* Or in a thread collecting all discounts past and future for a given product.

Major Geeks 09/12/08 has a link for Acronis True Image Home 11 downlaods for $9.99. Says the price is good "... for the next week."

I am trying (very trying ;D) to get Acronis for the $9.99 price- I am having trouble---Help


I am trying (very trying ;D) to get Acronis for the $9.99 price- I am having trouble---Help

-vitaminbaron (September 27, 2008, 12:22 PM)
--- End quote ---

See this thread for even a better deal.

Hello everyone, my first post here, havent read all the rules yet, but I have news about a nice discount. I recently bought a great new pc with window 7. It freaked me out with the difference with my 10 year old first and only pc with XP, and 1.1 usb ports.  :o So the first thing I hate is the media center, what a mess. Well I remembered an old media program called Real Player. Checked it out and luckily its at $40 now, ( couple weeks ago), $10 off, total, $42. I love it because its a close copy of the XP media center. (How did they get away with that?)  ;) And the discount helped after buying the new pc  Oh theres a free version that is very good, I used it to see if it was worth the then $50, I decided it was, lo and behold I was just in time for the 20% off. I will most likely return here as Im a DieHard Everything has to be on special person.  8)  


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