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Hotkey for capture only?

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I'm learning C# at the moment and therefore do a lot of copy and paste but I only need about 5% of the items to paste them more than once.

So I wanted to setup CH+S in a way that suits this specific need (only copy things with a special hotkey to limit the amount of entries) but failed ;)

The Capture/View/Spell hotkey (here: win + c) will bring the main window of CH+S to front and I only want to use the quick paste pop-up menu and not the main window.

Is there a way how I can use CH+S that it will only copy selected text if a user defined hotkey (means: not ctrl + c) is pressed _without_ showing it's main window?


I still think the best thing is to let CHS copy everything (and configure a few applications in the Exclude list), BUT i can see the value in this, so i will add it.  Should be easy enough to add into the next version.

Thanks mouser  :D

Try new download.

It's working fine. Thanks a lot, especially for the fast implementation!


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