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DCUpdater does not recognize installed programs

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Where is %COMMONAPPDATA% on Windows 7 and why is it so hard for me to find this information on the web?

I've said it before, I'll say it a hundred times -- the only explanation for some of the f*cked up stuff Microsoft does is that the company is filled with sabateur's trying to bring it down from the inside.

To answer my own question, apparently it's now in a folder called ProgramData off of the C drive, which is completely hidden from user.

And furthermore, apparently now in windows 7 to show hidden folders you have to go into control panel, Appearance and Personalization, and then Folder Options. I can only imagine by the time we get windows 8 we will get 50 new hidden directories and MS won't even give us a way to show them except with a phone to tech support.  I swear every time i start to feel like MS gets a bad wrap they make sure that feeling doesn't last.

Boydon, can you turn on the view of hidden folders and check your ProgramData\DcUpdater\RedirectFiles directory and tell me what you find and see about those questions I asked earlier.

Ok here we go.

To show hidden folders in windows 7 you don't need to use the control panel. You just have to hit ALT while you are in any explore folder and a menu will pop-out. Then you will act as you do for XP and if you want you can also set it so that the menu is always visible.

On my PC the environment var %COMMONAPPDATA% seems not to exist; the one pointing to C:\ProgramData is %ALLUSERSPROFILE%.

Anyway I've found the files that you are telling me. UrlSnooper's one is the only one pointing to the correct location, the FARR and CHS are like this:
%ProgramFiles%\Clipboard Help+Spell\

Once again I think that this is related to Win 7. As there is no easy way to change the default programs folder (C:\Program Files), every time I install something, I manually change the location to my custom one (D:\Program Files). Don't know if you can take care of this: probably those *.dcupdaterdirect filse should be dynamically generated during install time with the directory used for installation; problem is that if I change them, they get overwritten every time an update is installed (not as a top priority on your to do list as I can leave with this :P).

I really don't understand this weird logics in Windows 7; not to mention the fact (that probably you English are not acknowledge of) that localizaition of folder names is only "visual" in the explorer shell: on the file system they are in english. Every time it is nightmare to find what you are looking for...

Actually the program's themselves are SUPPOSED to overwrite those files with the proper locations on first run, but that's not apparently not happening.  I'll see if i can figure out if it's a bug in my code or else some windows permission issue blocking them from modifying their redirect files.

What do you use as installer? Cause with NSIS you could handle this easily (directly during install, not at the first run).


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