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DCUpdater does not recognize installed programs

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As the subject says, some apps installed does not seems to be recognized correctly by DCUpdater this imply that it is not able to propose updates if they are aviable.

I have problems with FARR and CHS, while UrlSnooper and DCUpdater works correctly


What operating system are you using?

Did you set the programs to run in portable mode?

I'm running windows 7 and I installed them from DCUpdater. How do I know if they are in portable mode?

Well unless you manually edited their config.dir files in their directories, they are not in portable mode, so there is no reason they shouldn't be found.

Try this, go to your Documents folder, and try to find the DonationCoder\DcUpdate subdirectory and look for some .dcupdaterdirect files.
See if you see any difference between the programs that it thinks are installed and those it doesnt.

In other words, is there a file for UrlSnooper but not for Farr?

Or is there a file for each but if you open the FindAndRunRobot one, does it point to the wrong directory?

In my Documents/DonationCoder/DcUpdate folder there is no *.dcupdaterdirect file neither for working programs (UrlSnooper and DcUpdater) nor for not working ones (FARR and CHS).

Here is how it looks:


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