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Hide GUI Playback Buttons

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Another item I submit for your consideration (maybe you might consider it an enhancement)
is what if Trout users could hide or fold in/out the buttons?
to increase the width of the tag & etc display.-AEN007 (February 22, 2011, 08:20 AM)
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I have hidden the meter and the art work - freeing up considerable screen real estate for mp3 tag displays.
It would be even better (from my perspective) if I could hide the buttons or
move them to the other side - where the meter/artwork would be.
The left hand side of the Trout GUI has more important display info than the right side.
I would like to use window positioning and AHK formatting
to have more of the left side of the GUI visible than I now can ...

What about adding a column/token for the sample rate?
What about setting the default location where Trout should look for playlists & files?

No, thanks, I will not be offering an option to hide the playback controls.  Your other requests are covered here:


Greetings ... wow ...
can't wait to try out the latest Trout ...

I try to give input/feedback that adds value to Trout ...
I hope that comes across ...

What about a sample rate column? foobar has that option ...

If you ever have some time to kill, maybe Trout could allow
users to move the playback buttons to where the hidden meter/art would be?
I never click playback buttons on any multimedia app.
I always use local/global hotkeys and/or scripts.
Maybe I am not alone in that.
It seems to me that the space/location of the buttons could be better used ...

What about a sample rate column?-AEN007 (August 20, 2011, 03:19 AM)
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Here you go:


Greetings ...

The Select playist file dialog opens to the specified path
but the Select audio files dialog still defaults to My Documents ...

I always open m3u playlists via the Clear list & add files (via a hotkey) ...
any chance users could specify the Select audio files dialog path?

in any case ... Merci viel Mal


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