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Image size problem while using wide screen monitor

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My apologies should this problem already have been discussed, also please excuse my less than perfect English.
I have used Screenshot Captor for quite a while, exclusively for screenshots of games in full screen mode, ie no windows here.
That worked just fine until I bought a new monitor. The new resolution is 1920x1078 which leads to a ratio of 16:9.
The old one was regular 4:3 stuff (maybe 5:4, I'm not sure.)
The images used to have the size of 1280x1024 which was the right  ratio.
Now I would assume that Screenshot Captor recognizes the resoution of 1920x1078 and produces images with that ratio. Which seems not to be the case. The images still have the format of 1280x1024, a distortion is the consequence.
I did not find anything in the preferences where I possibly could do something to tell SC what it is supposed to do - ratiowise.

I tried capturing Screen and whole workspace (no idea anyway what the difference might be), results were just the same.
Any ideas anybody? Any help would be appreciated.

this is interesting..

SC should be detecting the resolution of your screen.  there really is no other option for it. so it is a bug.

but you aren't the first person to report this odditty, though it seems exceedingly rare.

you are however, the first person to suggest that maybe it has to do with a change of monitors.

have you restarted the computer since you changed the monitor?

and can you confirm that the resolution of the captured images is really 1280x1024 -- rather than just appearing squashed?

if you do a capture of the active window -- does it capture fine then?

The resolution of the captured images is definitely 1280x1024, both file manager and photo software say so.
Capture of active window looks fine. I tried just a second before using windows of different size. The images do have different sizes accordingly.
As for the change of monitors: Keep in mind that the old one is really old, no wide screen whatsoever, 1280x1024 was perfect then.
The new one does the mentioned things all of the time, I tried and tried for several days now.

and you've restarted your pc since you changed monitors?
and can i ask what operating system you use?

if you are willing, and since this is a reliable bug for you, and since i've started coding again on sc and this is a good weekend for me to try to fix this -- could you email me ([email protected]) and i can see if i can send you some test versions and i can try to get this solved with your help.

Restarted: Yes, wquite often, every day at least once for a week or so.
Op system: Since I am of the old fashioned kind (never change a runnung system and so on), it is still Win XP, SP3.
And here is one other funny thing I just found out: Some games produce black areas at the left and right end of the screen, so that you have an optimal image (like TV-sets often do). In that case it seems to be the case that an image of the whole screen comes with those black parts at the end but the resolution now is 1600:900! Which is exactly the correct ratio.
Same computer, same monitor of course. One game without black parts at the left and right: 1280x1024
Another game with smaller meaningful screen but extra black areas: 1600x900.


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