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Teflon pressing sheet as mouse pad

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Thought I'd pass this along to anyone wanting a extra large mouse pad cheap.

I had been using a 14" x 10" Razer Goliathus mouse pad with a logitech mx518 mouse.

The width was fine but 10" just wasn't quite tall enough and I found myself sliding off the bottom.

I also have just recently upgraded from a Wacom Graphire 3 small tablet to an Intous 4 small tablet which I have mounted on a custom built fold away stand, which covers the mouse pad when folded down.

Thought about buying a larger gaming pad, but prices are just too expensive and one day while talking with my mother (who's a quilter) she suggested I try one of her teflon pressing sheets.

This thing is 18" x 20" and my mouse just glides along just as smooth as can be, plus when I've got my Intous folded down there's still plenty of room to move my mouse.

Got it mounted to my desk with binder clips (though you could use tape or whatever to lock it down).

You can find these sheets as small as 16" x 16" for under $10 online or check out a local quilt shop.

Pretty neat idea.  8)

Hats off to your Mom! :Thmbsup:

And thx for sharing it with us.

I did something similar once, but I used an entire table top ironing board with teflon cover as my keyboard/mouse tray, over an open drawer of a 2-drawer file cabinet.

Was an awesome comfortable padded surface that worked quite well.

 I have a wireless mouse and it pretty much works on any surface. I can use my mouse with either hand, and the mouse pad stays on the right, so when I use my left hand it works just fine on the table surface. It is a good idea though, especially since mouse pads are too small.

so when I use my left hand it works just fine on the table surface.
-hurricane1 (August 02, 2011, 10:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

You really shouldn't do that unless you don't mind damaging your table.

The use of a mousepad is not merely to provide a surface suitable for a mouse, but also to prevent damage to your desk. I found this out the hard way. Sitting under my mousepad is a very worn area of my desk, whose finish was ruined by my using the mouse directly on it.  :(


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