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Collaborative excel

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I 'm looking for ways to have multiple users working on excel collaboratively. I would like to host it myself, and not on other servers. I do not need full Excel functionality, so I could use another software, it just more entering data and sorting.

That's pretty broad. Excel isn't a collaborative format, unless you start getting into SharePoint. But you might be served better/cheaper/easier/faster with something else. If you could say what you want to do, then it might help. Somebody might know a solution.

e.g. Zoho. Google docs. etc.

My clients ask about that all the time.

Some of it depends on which version of Excel you're using. And how you're defining "working collaboratively." You shouldn't have any problems with 2007 or above.

Microsoft has a good introductory article that gives you what options are available for various levels of "collaborative" use of an Excel workbook. Link here. This is where I point my clients initially when the question comes up. Most are interested in the section that's headed: Allowing multiple users to edit a workbook simultaneously. Scroll down about midway to find it.

Hope you find it helpful. :)

Wow. It's come a long way. That's a pretty good article.

Wow. It's come a long way. That's a pretty good article.
-Renegade (August 02, 2011, 02:08 PM)
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+1 :Thmbsup:

Give Microsoft enough time, they'll usually get something working well enough that it's genuinely useful.

Credit where credit is due. 8)


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