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"Metafile is not valid"

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I have been having a lot of issues with CH+S lately. Normally I havebeen able to find help here merely by searching for the error message text. Normally the program works fine for a few days but then there is another issue. Sometimes the problem is intermittent - it comes and goes.

Today I am getting this message: "Metafile is not valid" when the program starts up. When I CTRL+C a bit of text there is no further message but neither does the clip appear in the list in All Clips -> Clipboad -> New

I have looked for this error message here but there does not appear to be anything relevant

I am running the v2.00.01, April 26th, 2011 XP etc

Any clues?

It sounds like maybe it's an issue with getting information about a non-text clip..

Let's not worry about subsequent behavior after that error, since that is probably enough to stop the program from working.

If you exit the program and restart it, do you still get that error on startup?

If so i will send you a new version to test -- email me ([email protected]).

You might also try unchecking the "Capture Images from Clipboard" in the Image Capture tab, and restart -- and see if that solves the error; if so at least we will have a clue about the problem.

Ok I think i see where this is probably happening, and i think i have a fix -- email me so i can test my new version before making it public.

The new version seems to be working without any issues. :Thmbsup:

I have been giving the version you supplied a rigorous work out and I'm happy to say that it is working faultlessly.



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