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Speech to Text Software?

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Does anyone know of any software that can load an audio file and spit out text? It doesn't need to be 100% accurate. It just needs to work for the most part.

I bought a Dragon Naturally Speaking license (download), but it doesn't work. I'll save the rant. If you really need a rant, here's something to help a bit:

Hopefully amusing...
--- Code: C# ---me.Anger = 100;me.Sanity = 0;me.Voice = Scream.Uncontrollably;me.Voice.Options += Profanity(100);me.Voice.StartScreaming(); loop{    me.Voice.Volume += 1;} until (you.Bored == true) me.StopScreaming();

The only things that I've seen that look remotely decent are SDKs, and I don't want to do any programming. I just want to get things done. :(

Edited out - made a mistake !  ;D

I'd start at this StackOverflow thread and follow the links mentioned there.

I'd start at this StackOverflow thread and follow the links mentioned there.
-Ath (July 31, 2011, 06:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks, but no luck. :(

@Ren : there is this strange thing that may be able to do something near to what you are looking for. I haven't tried it out myself yet (50 + mb download) but I will do as it looks fun to play with.

And check this site.

And then there's this the blurb says : "Cool C writes at the speed of speech and is always ready to read. Cool C is the fastest and easiest way to get your thoughts down on paper .... Just talk to Cool C and your words will be typed as you talk. When you are done, click READ and Cool C will read everything typed back to you."

The gui is vile beyond words (joke) and it doesn't seem possible to get a key for the trial, but I thought I'd bring it to your notice anyway.  ;)


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