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PhotoStitcher - GOTD on 2012-06-14


PhotoStitcher on GOTD (GiveAwayOfTheDay)

- if you are interested in a photo-stitching proggie.
I don't know what this one is like.
I generally usually use Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor), which is FREE.

Because I own InPaint, which this company also makes, I received a notice a few weeks ago about the availability of PhotoStitcher and an offer to get it for $9.95.  I love InPaint, and I've thought from time to time that I'd like to be able to make panoramas easily (the one time I tried with a different program, I failed), so I downloaded PhotoStitcher, quickly took three photos of my neighborhood as seen from my doorstep, and used PhotoStitcher to combine them into a panorama.  It did so quickly and skillfully, so I bought the program.  I haven't yet used it again, but I'm glad I have it.  I don't even mind having paid for it, since the price was reasonable and I'm happy to support the company that makes InPaint.  I should add that I'm a very amateur photographer--it might be that someone more skilled would have needs that PhotoStitcher doesn't meet.  But for me, it does the job quickly and well.  :up:

Well there have been some discussions in this forum about apps for stitching a tapestry or panorama of photos together.
I'm not sure whether PhotoStitcher was mentioned, but from what you say it sounds like it could be pretty good.

I downloaded the GOTD and installed it anyway - it never hurts to have more options. I sometimes find variability in the quality of output of these proggies - i.e., not all stitching proggies necessarily always stitch the same photo sets together the same way or as nicely as other stitching proggies, and the variability sometimes seems to depend on the photos themselves.
Having said that, MS ICE is pretty consistent, though if I look I can usually see the joins in the stitched image regardless of which proggy did the stitching.


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