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Child board set up for discounts and deals found on the web

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We set up a child board of this section for posts relating to deals/discounts found on the web:

I think it makes sense in terms of providing a specific place for such things; it will help people who are interested to have a single place to look, and it will also serve to keep the other sections of the board free from advertisements, etc.

So any kind of special offers or discounts relating to software are acceptable in that section (and only that section).

The offers should be computer related, and my previously stated position of allowing posts from people with a financial stake in the offer still stands - just state your affiliation and do not spam the section with multiple posts.

I encourage you to share any good (software) deals you find on the web in that section; I hope it will turn into a useful resource for all of us.  I think if we have some good deal-finders that post regularly to it, it will be a nice addition to the fourm.

In keeping with the spirit of the site, i encourage our respected members to comment on the deals if they think they are not worth it, or if they think there is something people should know, etc. (but please be respectful); some editorial comment on the offers would be helpful.

And a bit of warning with regard to all discounts and deals you run across on the web.  Don't just jump on some offer as a spur-of-the-moment thing.  Many an ebay bid has been regretted by someone who pushed the "bid" button in the heat of the moment, and came to regret it in the morning.

The only regret I have about eBay is that someone always outbids me.  Eg last Saturday I was 11 mins away from my mobile phone at $AU425 and then they started.  It finished up going for $505, well over what I was prepared to pay.


Don't be too put out on stuff you buy on ebay, I was looking to replace the mobile phone I lost.
And I was very happy to win the bid, but when then item arrived, it was a very bad state, I mean
it more to return to its mint state, as this was the state of the phone I lost.

It is very close to finding itself, in the bin one of these days, when I can be bother to open the drawer I put it in.

Not to mention the old story of purchasing a service, on ebay pay in advance as the contract indicates, setup every thing only to find that service has been withdrawn.

I am slightly waring of anything I bid for in ebay, but I must admit I did have one success, bidded slightly more than what I planned, but the cost was still low enough to be a bargin, albeit for two months until the new price dropped below the bid price, but hey I am still using it, and it still works fine.

i have bought tons of stuff on ebay, from real people, and had great experiences.
really a wonderful place, imho.

the only thing i warn people about is the continuing increase in businesses trying to offload junk and people trying to resell junk.

i wouldnt buy something from a computer company selling stuff on ebay unless i had a damn good reason,
but buying individual items that real humans put up for sale on ebay has been nothing but a great experience for me.

I've had some good experiences.  I bought a book/CD about Web Studio 2 for $US3 and sent $7 postage from the US to Australia.  It only cost the seller $5.90 for postage so they sent a US dollar and a dime over with the book.  The price for the book in a local book shop was $US45.



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