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Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor [Freeware]

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Hello all,

I'm glad to share Text Editor Anywhere 2 with you. It used to be a built-in feature of Listary, and now is a standalone freeware app. I rewrote it from scratch and added a bunch of useful new features.

Text Editor Anywhere allows you to edit text anywhere with your favorite text editor (and with a specified file extension). It provides a means of taking advantages of some advanced features (like auto-completing, spell checking and syntax highlighting) that are only available in an external text editor. It may also save you from webpage time-out or browser crashes.

[*]Support all kinds of text editors
[*]Support all applications
[*]Support Unicode
[*]You can pass complex parameters to the editor

It's very easy to use. Here is how I use it to edit this post in Firefox with BBCeditor by fenixproductions:

Step 1: Press Win + A whenever you need it. You can hold Win key and press "A" repeatedly to choose another file extension or edit the text with a new extension. It works like Alt + Tab.

Step 2: Edit the text in the editor.

Step 3: Save the file and close the editor (BBCeditor here) or simply switch back using Alt + Tab, my post is already in Firefox!

Home Page
Download Exe Installer
Download Portable Version

Enjoy it!
Don't hesitate to reply here if you have any questions or suggestions. Please help spread the word if you like it!

That looks nice!

Don't hesitate to reply here if you have any questions

Press Win + A whenever you need it
--- End quote ---

Can one set a different key combination? (I have no Windows key.)

I checked cranioscopical and it is in the options for hotkey. :)

FYI, the link to the portable version download is pointing to the setup exe 8)


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