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Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor [Freeware]

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Excellent program! Really helpful. And excuse this rather uninformative post, I just had to try a combination of TEA and BBCeditor :)

Hi forum and Channing,

I'm trying to use shajul's WYSIWYG BBCode Editor together with TEA but for some reason the text is not transferred back to the textarea (e.g. here).

This editor uses a (proprietary?) file format called *.bbs (which is actually html-based).

From the first post I gather that the text should be transferred back to the textarea from the editor also by Alt+Tab, but this also doesn't seem to work.

Any hints greatly welcome,

Cheers David.P

@David.P; Just to check, you are Saving the file first, before Alt-Tabbing back to the Web form?

I should add, TEA fails to transfer text one way or the other for me fairly frequently, but I can't get a handle on it.  If it doesn't transfer text back the the Web form, I often add a space, backspace over it again - so the editor thinks the file's been changed - re-save it, and usually the next Alt-Tab back again transfers the text.

It seems to work better with some forums than others.  DC works well.  Fountain Pen Network, not so well.

Looks interesting.  I will have to play with it a bit to see if it is something that I am going to keep around.

Typing this in Boxer, so we'll see what happens when I save.


Interesting - TEA is similar to Dolphin Text Editor Menu (which I like a lot) but a slightly different take on the idea.  I upgraded to Listary Pro  :Thmbsup: the same day I tried it out, but didn't check out the rest of the web site.


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