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Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor [Freeware]

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@Channing: very, very nice!  :up:

This was the last straw for me. I could not avoid buying Listary Pro after this generous unbundling of the Edit Text Anywhere feature. It was on my to-buy list for a long time. I have a million uses for Listary and a few for Edit Text Anywhere Text Edit Anywhere (the post title confused me) (for example Google+ which doesn't currently provide the ability to save drafts), and their integration with every program is amazing.

I just tried it out. MAN! That's slick! I love it!

I often write posts for DC in my text editor, EditPlus. I didn't even have to restart Opera or anything. Just unzip the portable version, and boom. I'm up and running.

Wicked cool~! :D

Congratulations on a nice writeup at BetaNews:

Wow, I didn't know Listary devs would be around here.  :D

Great feature indeed. Now if it would also be able to store a "history" or something, it would probably make "Textarea Cache" and ArsClip redundant for me ...
Oh, and Listary's website needs some better hint to that software. Am I blind or is there no link to it?


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