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What special character do you use to have a file sorted at the top?

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I insert underscore as the first character. A few times I've added an extra underscore to keep the item ahead of any others.

The point of using ! or | is well taken, and the use of additional exclamation points is clever. I used underscore because it's big and draws attention. Maybe I should try !! instead, in some folders.

These tricks are especially useful in menu lists, for example in folders used on MS toolbars.


I use _ in front of the name (i.e.: _My Folder or _My file.file)

I use # - interesting to see what else works!

I also sometimes use the word All (i.e. All My e books) as A is always listed first...  ;)

Greetings One and All

I use @ and have been known to use @@ and even @@@


I use -= Folder =- too! (But with the spaces)

I've no idea when I started doing this (probably around the time WinXP came out and long filenames came in) but I find it makes my most important folders stand out and look jolly official!
-Ampa (July 28, 2011, 12:19 PM)
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I never thought of -= Folder =-, really interesting, I may try it instead of prefixing the File/Folder name with one or more underscores "_".


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